Arts Studies

Jan 24, 2017

Composer’s New Recording Is An International Effort

The latest recording of music by NC State composer Rodney Waschka is the result of international mathematical inspiration and a collaboration of performers, engineers, and producers from around the world. Waschka’s new piece, Au Revoir, Svetozar, is dedicated to the […]

Jan 9, 2017  |  College of Humanities and Social Sciences News

Keeping an Eye on Celebrity Artifacts

Country star Patsy Cline's accounting ledgers. Dance legend Bob Fosse's choreography. Apple founder Steve Jobs' polo shirt. They might not seem to have much in common — but they all have communication alum Brian Christopher Cummings’ fingerprints on them.

Jun 30, 2014

Adventurer in a Tweed Jacket

Professor Emeritus David Greene is a prolific scholar and author, a gifted and giving musician, a highly skilled and sensitive translator, and a dedicated and cherished volunteer. In his retirement, Greene works to improve the lives of those around him: the children and villagers of eastern Guatemala, where Greene lives, teaches and writes for two thirds out of each year. For his work there, NC State’s Association of Retired Faculty recently recognized Greene with the Friday Award for Distinguished Service in Retirement.

May 12, 2014

May Student of the Month

Laken Geiger is a junior with a major in Communication and minor in Arts Entrepreneurship. She has had several media and arts-related internships, and spent Spring 2014 studying in Prague. She is a member of the Public Relations Student Society of America and Habitat for Humanity.

Nov 8, 2013

November Student of the Month

Halle Mangrum is a sophomore majoring in English. She is a Caldwell Fellow who has been a Technician staff writer, a cast member of NC State's The Heidi Chronicles, and a member of student groups such as Habitat for Humanity. She currently enjoys working on short films and on her first novel.

Mar 1, 2013

Filling in Film History, Professors Find First Place

NC State University professors of English Devin and Marsha Orgeron were determined to shed more light on the educational films of the 20th century as they edited "Learning with the Lights Off." In the process, they have earned the prestigious Society for Cinema and Media Studies’ 2013 award for Best Edited Collection.

Feb 17, 2013

“Fake It So Real” Gets Real Recognition

Robert Greene (Film Studies ’00) discovered his passion for film during an Intro to Film course just over a decade ago. His most recent documentary, "Fake It So Real," follows a group of Lincolnton, NC, men who give new meaning to the term “weekend warriors” as they set up rings and suit up as pro wrestlers. "Fake It So Real" has been included on "Best Of" lists by Roger Ebert, the New Yorker, and the Wall Street Journal.

Apr 18, 2012

Scoring Music Based on Genetic Algorithms

NC State composer Rodney Waschka, known for his computer music and his theatrical works, is an internationally recognized expert in computer music. His recently recorded Winter Concerto has been released on the RMA label in London.

Mar 28, 2012

Filmmaker Derives Passion From Subjects Who Pursue Dreams

Documentary filmmaker and CHASS alum Robert Greene and 4th Row Films currently have three movies showing in theaters across the U.S. All In: The Poker Movie, a journey into the poker subculture, premiered last Friday at Cinema Village in New York City and will be available on video on demand April 24. Fake It So Real, a look at the big dreams of independent professional wrestlers in small-town North Carolina, is ending a run on the West Coast. And Kati with an I, an intimate look at at Greene’s teenage half-sister in Alabama who is about to graduate high school, is opening in Seattle.

Dec 8, 2011

Learning With the Lights Off

Associate professors of film studies Devin and Marsha Orgeron have shared guest posts on NC State's research blog, The Abstract. Their essays relate to their forthcoming book about educational films, Learning With the Lights Off (Oxford University Press, 2012).