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Jun 23, 2014

In Case of Emergency: Reaching Vulnerable Groups

Alton Russell ’14 combined his interests in global health and in industrial engineering to fashion his self-designed major in interdisciplinary studies. The Park scholar felt an engineering degree alone was insufficient to address health problems "that are not only technically innovative but also grounded in an understanding of human factors. A technically viable solution is useful only to the extent that it is compatible with cultural and political realities." He applied what he learned to help develop an emergency communication network to reach marginalized populations in North Carolina.

Apr 14, 2014

Where Credit is Due: How Acknowledging Expertise Can Help Conservation Efforts

Scientists know that tapping into local expertise is key to conservation efforts aimed at protecting biodiversity – but researchers rarely give credit to these local experts. Anthropologist and associate professor of international studies Nora Haenn says that’s a problem, both for the local experts and for the science itself.

Mar 25, 2014

Joel Voss: Development of International Human Rights Norms

Dr. Voss is studying the development of international human rights norms at the UN Human Rights Council. The Council is the premier body at the UN for creating new human rights standards. Dr. Voss is particularly interested in how states […]

Mar 24, 2014

Ashley Simons-Rudolph: “It takes a ViLa”

“It takes a ViLa”: Developing a virtual research consortium on gender between NCSU and Universidad de Costa Rica-CIEM (research center for women’s studies) Funded through 2013-2014 Committee on International Programs Internationalization Seed Grant at NC State University. PI-Dr. Ashley Simons-Rudolph, […]

Mar 24, 2014

William Kinsella: Public Voices and Energy Choices: Citizens Speak Out at the North Carolina Utilities Commission

The following is a research summary originally published in Communication Currents, a publication of the National Communication Association Can ordinary people participate meaningfully in decisions about complex technologies such as nuclear power? Our research suggests they can, within limits. A paradox […]

Mar 24, 2014

Seth Murray

I have conducted research in various sites of western Europe since 1999. As a member of larger interdisciplinary research team in Burgundy, France, I investigate the intergenerational changes in environmental and agricultural risk-perception and risk-mitigation strategies among Charollais beef cattle […]